Meet the Specialists:

Dr. Stanley Gardner



As an M.D., Dr. Gardner practiced conventional Western medicine for over 20 years before incorporating principles of prevention by strengthening the immune system. Dr. Gardner has made it his quest to make healthy alternatives to drugs and surgery available to the world as the first line of treatment in health.

Debra McKowen


Facilitator / Prime For Life

Debra has been teaching since 1992, and has an extensive knowledge of the court system. Having graduated from the University of Utah, she holds degrees in sociology, criminology and corrections, criminal justice, and communications.
She has assisted in suicide prevention efforts and substance use disorder counseling at various facilities. Contributing positively to the lives of those around me is my passion. I treat each and every client with the utmost respect and understanding, and believe that our mistakes are not what defines us.
Allow me to help you find your new path to a better future.

Claudia Litchfield

Founder, Wellness Coach

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